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San Francisco/Bay Area Service Recommendations

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My 08 TT is coming up for it's first 5000 mile service and I need to find a good, reliable and trustworthy dealer or service centre to take my FJ to.

The place where I bought from, Toyota Sunnyvale in Sunnyvale near San Jose, is too far for me to use as a regular service centre. I need to be able to drop my truck off and have a loaner (not rental) for the day supplied as well.

Any recommendations (or warnings) in or around San Francisco and the bay/peninsula area would be greatly appreciated.
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I have a 2013 FJ TT and have used Precision Auto in Pleasanton for a lot of maintenance work (and some custom work as well - they did a FANTASTIC job on several out of scope projects). Family owned shop and they use Toyota parts (or you can bring your own aftermarket parts which is what I have done). Very nice folks and WAY less expensive than the dealerships (most of their techs worked for either Honda or Toyota at one point - the shop specializes in Honda/Toyota/Acura). I have always dealt with Ken (one of the service managers) who is very helpful and been there for years (tell him the guy with the cement gray 2013 FJ referred you and he'll get a chuckle out of it). I joke with them that they should open a custom FJ shop as they have build a large portion of my rig.

If you are looking for upgrades/4x4 specific work to be done I would suggest The 4x4 Shop in Livermore. They did my lift/suspension upgrade as well as several associated jobs and it's always come out great. The only downside is it's usually a 14-21 day wait to get on their shop calendar (which shows how good they are if that busy). Joe is whom I would speak with and he knows his stuff backward and forward.

I would avoid 4 Wheel Parts in Oakland at all costs. While their prices/sales are good it looked like the new guy installed some of my gear after several drinks (I ended up reworking some of the installs myself). Very nice people and good for "off the shelf" purchases but I would not have them do any of my installation work again.
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