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Sand tracks?

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ok guys was looking online and found an interesting product from bushranger called the X trax.......I like it because they seem very compact and hey its not a bad thing to have around on......anyone sell these state side? or something similar?? any info greatly appreciated

X Trax - Bushranger
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Paul those look great :) and from the 941 area code I am thinking they are in bradenton or sarasota......will have to look at these hard thanks man :)
Paul.....those blocks are placed stacked and placed under you think they would break if used to get our FJs out of mud? or sand? I mean you guys have already used these to drive the FJ over obstacles correct? they gotta be strong enough........if you didnt brake them already I dont see how using them in sand or mud would do it......just trying to understand here thanks :)
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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