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Sand tracks?

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ok guys was looking online and found an interesting product from bushranger called the X trax.......I like it because they seem very compact and hey its not a bad thing to have around on......anyone sell these state side? or something similar?? any info greatly appreciated

X Trax - Bushranger
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At home we have a Recycled Rubber Welcome Mat I have been looking at for a similar purpose.... but never needed it in the sand down here.

Look at this

Recycled Tire Mats - Bedliners, Traction Strips, Marine Matting, Kennel Mats!

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But you do realize they are not really needed here in Florida.

I have been in lots of deep sugar sand and never got stuck in sand.
YouTube - T-Creek 11-24-07

Actually I think bridging materials are much more useful and needed.

I went and purchased, and now carry, some of these

RV Leveling Blocks - Camping World

And these I HAVE used a couple of times already. Once to get off a high center stuck. Where I put them under one wheel and was able to raise my FJC enough to get over a rock I was high centered on. And once for Corey to "cheat :) :lol:" getting over a very steep, tall and nasty piece of limestone.

Plus, I would use them IF I did get stuck in mud or sand or something and I did not have any other one with me to pull me out.

And they are light, and come bundled in a small package.

Admittedly if used in mud or sand they might break but we will see.
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When used with RVs, there are usually on solid flat surfaces so there is not much chance of breaking.

When used in sand they are NOT fully and evenly supported so they might break. I did have one break the corner off already. In the mud or other stuff there will not be a flat surface to put them on either, so they might break more. But they would get me out.

But there work great for stacking and getting off high centered. IF if you need to raise your front or something.
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