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saying hello and asking 4 help

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Hello friends, newbie here. This is my 3rd cruiser, I previously had a 70 series with 1HZ engine (inline 6 cyl diesen N/A) followed by an 80 series with 1HDT engine (same as previous but Turbo). Just got my 2007 FJ Cruiser 4X4 and already starting to love it.
Now, to the asking for help part: need to replace several body parts (driver door, fender, windshield, roof) and have been going crazy looking for a used parts place (salvage yard? on-line?) to get them. Can anyone suggest where to look? preferably in the South Florida area. (Need to ship the parts abroad).
Very happy to have gotten my new cruiser and joining this forum! From what I have read here, I can see all of you are great people and I can lern a lot from you. All the best!
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Hello and welcome! Congrats on the new (3rd Cruiser) FJ. Good luck on finding what you're looking for.
Start by looking on Ebay- you can find some salvage lots that way selling individual parts (even if its not an FJ) and then just call and ask them. Now that they have been around for awhile, there should be some parts available.

Saw one the other day going down the road on a flatbed... Looked all busted up. Sad.

Best of luck to you. :cheers:
Welcome! A great website to look for any used parts at wrecking yards is
Thanks for the warm welcome and all the help. Cruisers rule!
Welcome. I'm curious to see the rig you purchased? Was it a total that you purchased for a good price or what? :)
will post some pics soon, bought it from auction, it rolled but with not so serious damage, air bags good, got it fairly cheap.
what a coincidence... the auction was in Oregon...
what a coincidence... the auction was in Oregon...
Coincidence because I'm from Oregon? Haha
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