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The meeting is tomorrow night at the Corona Sizzler (Magnolia and I-15). Meeting starts at 7 and ends around 9pm. Some people get there early to have dinner and chat.

Anyone can make it? I'm super busy the next couple of days and would be grateful if someone can help me out tomorrow. Some one to go and take some notes and represent SoCal FJ Cruisers. Sorry for the late notice. I just realized the meeting is coming a few days ago.


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Meeting notes

There's a new 501(C-3) Non-Profit that was created. It's purpose is to be able to collect funds that can be funneled back into the Adopt A Trail program. Right now, all money comes from and is spent by the Forest Service, or individuals that buy things as part of their adoption work. This will allow for donations and fundraisers to help provide even more cash for the program. Rick, from the Psyco Hummers (helped out with the big barricade on Luna) is the President. Angela, involved with the AAT, is also an office of the new company. There's only about 6 people in it right now, as it just was formed yesterday. More info will come.

They are creating a new website for the program, and have a new web master. This new website will also have pages for the individual clubs to share info on the club, as well as the adopted trails. One of the goals is to have this be THE source for up to date info on the trail conditions. More details, including URL, in the next few weeks.

There's $20,000 available for signage. Most of it will likely be spent on signs for Cleghorn, to more clearly identify what is legal and what is not. Since the bypasses that they left open are now legal, they want everyone to know. I guess some people have been trying to report use of the bypasses as illegal, even though they are now officially part of the trail. Also, other signage in the forest will provide details on the fact that going off the trail is now subject to $50,000 fine and/or 6 months in jail. This is for making new trails or driving across the wilderness. Law enforcement is being brought in as well. It has gotten bad, and some of the recent lawsuits are causing this push. The official PLAN from the Forrest Service states that they will protect these areas, but they haven't been really enforcing it. Since they lost/settled the recent suit, they are now ramping up some enforcement.

A new safety guide book is up. We'll get a copy over here.

2010 results of the AAT - 312 miles of road were maintained, 42 miles of trail, 13,586 Man Hours with a value of over $1Million. This is the most ever in the history of this or any other AAT program.

There's an expectation that this year will be a bad one for fires. given the amount of rain, it's almost a certainty. Looking at the last 16 years, the big ones seem to come every 4 years. 2007 was when the area by 3N06X was burned, and now here we are 4 years later. One items that was mentioned, was some detective work you can do if you're in the forest and a fire starts, or if you head towards it. Make a note of all the car's and as much plate info as you can.

They handed out the awards for the AAT program hours. The top two clubs were at about 1500 hours each. My Jeep Rocks and Inland Empire Jeep Club. They'll be posting the full list to the Yahoo group, and we'll get them over here.

I guess there's a local group up in Big Bear that is not happy with the new SBNF Travel Management Implementation. There's a town hall meeting up there in Big Bear Saturday. It sounded like they are not happy with illegal trail blockages.

Greg is requesting road and trail assessments ASAP. Need to get a good overview of the conditions after the rains.

There's a big work day being planned for Holcomb. A huge area of the road has turned into a creek bed, 16 feet lower than the road had been before. The plan is to haul in a large number of huge rocks and other materials to basically build ramps from the current road level, down to the road level mother nature would like to see. Then, to create a rock garden of sorts as a "bridge" between the sides. They need people, and vehicles with off road trailers. You need to be willing to have the trailer beat up carrying rocks down the trails. The work dates are February 19th and 20th. Let Tony know if you'd like to participate so he can work with Greg to get you on the list. Then want plenty of people, but, need to keep the event organized and manageable.

New training is set for this year. We'll get the dates, times, and subjects posted up when they are made available.

The Forrest Service is doing some soil monitoring. If we have or see any areas that keep getting washed out, they would like us to report them.

There are some changes coming to some of the major roads that have been very accessible.They found that some were being maintained too well, and were too accessible, and not according to plan. Shouldn't affect our trails, but just some of the roads getting there, like Crab Flats. It was also pointed out that the current administration in Washington has put together a plan for 2020 that said that 74% of the Forrest road needs to be accessible to sedans. It's kinda funny. One side of the mouth says no one can use, the others says it should be everyone.

There's a rumor of some super secret trail that has been created in the Forest, called the Garden of Eden. Greg is curious. Supposedly there is a website even. Didn't show up in my Google search.

After the meeting, I spoke with Jim Harlow from the SoCal chapter of TLCA. Southern California Toyota Land Cruiser Association Jim is trying to get his group involved and to adopt a trail. I talked to him about ours, and our group in general. As I said in the earlier post, I think we can work together and help each other out.

That's it. Next meeting is April 20, 2011, 7pm at the Sizzler in Corona.
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