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scuba mod, i need your help

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i did the scuba mod today. the back went fine, but for the life of me i couldn't find the front two vents (transmission, transfer case). does anybody have pictures and a very detailed explanation.

once found how hard are they to reroute?

also has anybody moved the two in the engine compartment up higher?
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Auto or Manual Tranny?
What year?

07, both should be on the passenger side between firewall and engine - easiest to reach by going under the fj and reaching around top TC/Tranny.

08/09 - one is on the passenger side. The 1/4" breather is a metal tube on the driverside that is bolted to the engine (between firewall and engine).

10/11 models....well they have more breathers cause they changed the plubming for the hoses.

Check my Scuba mod thread (in my signature). There are 12 pages many of which have photos that might help you.
All the info you need is in my post above and photos are in the other thread.
Hi Brian, i pm'd you yesterday with my info and some questions. Can you check them out please? Thanks bro!
All the info you need is in my post above and photos are in the other thread.
are the 2 vents in the engine compartment the ones for the transfer case and transmission?

Are there any others?
Two on the driverside fender (which are already higher than all the others) are your differential and actuator breathers. Some raise them and some don't.

The two you need to raise are behind the engine (between the engine and firewall) One is towards to passenger side and cliped in place. The other is a metal tube bolted to the back of the engine closer to the driverside. To reach these from the engine bay you should be scraping your arms quite a bit. If your not, you haven't found the breathers then.

Look through the original scuba thread and my thread. All the info you need is in there.
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