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Selling my 2007 Voodoo Blue w/ Lots of Mods

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I need to move to a larger size vehicle and want to stay in the Toyota family. I have always wanted 80 Series Landcruiser so i have decided it's time to sell My FJ.

Here is all the info:
2007 Voodoo Blue
Just rolled over 50k miles
Have a friend in Toyota Off Roadibg club who ia a Master Toyota Mechanic who has preformed most maintenance besides what myself and friends have done during wrench-a-thons. She has been very well taken care of mechanically.

All-Pro 3" Suspension Kit w/ Adjustable Remote Resovoirs
OME Shocks & Springs in the Rear
285/70/17 Hankook MTR 40% left
TrailGear Sliders
TRD Exhaust
Total Chaos UCA's
AllPro Rear Links w/ Armour
AllPro Front Full Skid Plate
Demello Front Bumper
ARB RoofRack
Alpine Custom Stereo w/ Polk Comp int the fronts, Polk in the back Seat area, & 8" Polk in the OEM Sub. Alpine Amp under both front seats. Amps are "Plug & Play". Will take them both to install in next truck unless buyes wants to pay for them. The stereo ROCKS!!!!
Warn M8000 Winch. Will also be taking it unless buyer wants to pay for it.
I am sure there are some things I am forgetting.

I wheeled it maybe 3 times a year and took a few trips to Ouray ( for the FJ Summit ) and a Utah trip through the Canyon Lands. It was a trip planned from the Overland Journal. Was a great trip.

It does have some tree rub on 3 of the 4 front sides. Rubbed the 3 corners all on the same trip on the same trail at BridgePort. Also broke the outside plastic of the passenger mirror. Mirror not broken and still adjusts for the most part. I bit off more than I could chew while running with the Big Boys rolling with 37's all at the BridgePort park.

This has been a great truck and I have made a lot of great family memories with it. It is my daily driver and I drive kids in a carpool with it. It was a hard decision to sell it, but kids are getting bigger and I need more room. I have always wanted an 80 Series Land Cruiser and it's got the extra room and seats I need.

$24500,00 as is with Warn M8000 Winch $ Alpine Amps I think thats a very fai price considering the above.

$23,000 w/ no winch & Amps.

I think these are fair prices. I am a little flexable with price and will consider all offers. No low balls please. I already have a CarMax offer so i already know what I can get with a low ball offer.

Oh... Almost forgot. The faulty R & P has been replaced and a new sensor switch in the 4WD shifter.

Doing this with my iPad so when I can get to my computer I can add some pics.
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PM sent...and awaiting pics too...:bigthumb:
Hey folks. Will had surgery and has not been back online to reply to his thread or PM's. He hopes to get back on his feet soon and post some current pics. I have known Will for about almost 4 years and have had the pleasure of wheeling and camping with him and his family. He is very honest and although his rig is used, it is not abused. Well built and capable wheeler. Here is a pic from the 2009 Jamboree:

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So Sorry for the delay guys...I had some lower back surgery and it has taken me longer to heal that I expected and still not 100% yet

Here are some recent pics of the FJ. I went to a local body shop to get an estimate in writing for repairing the tree rub and what-not and they gave me a price of $2400. I am willing to split that and take off $1200 additional to make the deal a little more sweeter. I personally don't think the damage is really all that bad and have not bothered getting it fixed because I am sure at some point in time I will dent, ding, scratch ect again as long as I continue to wheel it every now and then. I think of them as little trophies.

I will get to the PM's as soon as I can. Hard to sit at the computer and can only handle a few mins at a time.


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and some more pics...


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Just noticed how small the pics posted up. I hope they are not too small.
Just giving it a "Bump"

Just wanted to re-cap and mention that I am taking $1200 off my 1st asking price bringing it down to $23,000 \ $21,800 (without winch & amps)

I have not listed it on ih8mud, Ebay, or Clist so only listed on this site so far. If you have an interest and if you think I am asking too much, make me an offer. I am a little flexible & motivated to sell because I have found the 80 Series I want and it is here in Dallas making it ease for me.

Remember: This is FJ has been built and is ready for the trail, but also drives on the street and highway with a feel and handeling better than stock and is a lot of fun to drive. Also it's a real head turner and looking at all the boys faces when picking my kids up from school always gives me the

Also: I never really checked to see what MPG I have been getting. Just filled it up when the gas light came on. I have however run a test and I am getting almost 14 MPG city driving. The test was done with 15 gal fill-up from gas light. Driven a little over a 2 week driving time. Just thought I would add that in.

Lets Make a deal :cheers:
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