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Magic Toyota, Edmonds, WA
Less than 1 day of interaction. Started by phone with Noel; pleasant to talk to and seemed knowledgeable. I later requested an online quote. Responses were grammatically poor. I received several emails similar to "ARE WE A DEAL?". Reading them made me feel as though I was dealing with someone in China.

Toyota of Olympia, WA
1 week of interaction. Classic back and forth behavior when I went in to attempt to buy. Sales guy bounced between me and finance countless times. Lots of waiting.

Toyota of Kirkland, WA
4 weeks of interaction. They were higher pressure than most dealers in person and lots of follow up calls from them, to the point of it being a nuisance. I had given them a cell number to call me at but when I wouldn't answer that they called me at work using the number off my credit app. Smaller dealer so they wouldn't go very low on prices. I did financing numbers twice with them; once for an FJ and again on a 4Runner.

Toyota of LakeCity, Seattle, WA
1 day of interaction. I dealt with Rebecca Hall of their internet sales and she was very honest and upfront. No repeated dodging of questions just to get me into the dealership.

Jim, aka007FJ on this forum, was also very polite and considerate. He showed genuine sympathy after reading about a bad experience I posted about on FJForums.

Toyota of Bellevue, WA
4 weeks of interaction. I finally purchased a 4Runner from here. Make sure you see me other thread (link below) on FJForums about this dealership as it wasn't a cake walk.

About me: 27yo Male Technical Professional - My criteria for deciding to follow through on a sale with a dealership involved a good price on the vehicle, fair offer on my trade, and the most important was a good experience. I hate car dealers, so I am overly critical due to past experiences where I had been taken advantage of.
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