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A number of people think shaming terrible motorists is a great idea and more appear to be warming to the idea. A municipal court in Cleveland, Ohio, recently ordered a woman shamed for driving on the sidewalk to bypass a bus. Are you in the market to sell or buy a used or new 2012 Ford Escape Spokane WA? If this describes you, get a quote at Gus Johnson cars Spokane.

Ordered to public humiliation

One former type of judgment that was made would be to mock people who committed an offense. They were called a pillory and were used quite often.

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A female named Shena Hardin may be seen with a sign that says “Only an idiot drive on the sidewalk to stay away from a school bus” as part of her public humiliation. She was well-known in the area of Cleveland, Ohio, for driving on the sidewalk to get past school busses, and this made the bus motorists mad, according to the Daily Mail. One bus driver set up a sting with the police to prove it, and the Cleveland Municipal Court judge sentenced her to public embarrassment.

Not the first time

In case you wanted to go to Kennedy Mazda and get a brand new car to tailgate individuals with, keep in mind that there are online websites where people can go and report terrible motorists. CBS reported that there were multiple websites in 2009 where you could find the make, model and license number of inconsiderate and lousy motorists.

According to AutoBlog, after getting rid of Big Gulps, Mayor Michael Bloomberg in New York City suggested shaming terrible motorists. Mimes were hired in Bogota, Columbia by former mayor Antanas Mockus who thought it would be a good idea of mimes mimicked bad behavior. They were also responsible for giving thumbs up and down to motorists depending on their habits.

According to Yahoo Australia, one male had a YouTube channel called AdelaideTruckCam. He would film bad motorists with a camera in his car’s dash.

Terrible drivers are shamed on “Top Gear” presenter Jeremy Clarkson’s Twitter account. He will post the make, model and license plate of stupid and terrible motorists. A BMW, Lexus and Audi TT were all posted recently.

Could it work?

Hardin was caught on tape going around a school bus on the sidewalk. That could be really dangerous and was definitely a terrible decision. She certainly had what was coming to her, including the 30 day license suspension she got as part of her sentence. Maybe it is a good idea to publicly shame wrongdoers.


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