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Shop needed for Weight Distribution Hitch in COS?

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I need a reputable shop to put a WDH on my FJ for towing my camper this summer. Anybody used Camping World down in Fountain? Anybody have any other reco's for this work?

Kinda sad to have to mess with it because my FJ TT came with a towing package on it already, but I've already been told by several folks that if you plan to tow any serious weight -- the WDH is a must on these.

- Hakrjak
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as a former U-Haul tech/mechanic i would suggest going there. we used to install plenty of those. i would suggest the one on powers if a crotchety old mechanic by the name of Gary still works there. he was the best. they will also so install the 7 round light plug if you need one and if i remember correctly they will beat any quote you bring in.
I tell ya I have used Buds Muffler (yes they do hitch work) and i have found them to be awesome.
I didn't end up needing a hitch after all... Wow, the suspension on the back of the FJ is heavier duty than I thought! See my other thread about KC's on Fillmore...
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