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I recently purchased a Shrockworks washer fluid reservoir kit and ran into an issue after installation.

After installation, I filled the reservoir and found that I had a leak. Initially I suspected that I damaged one of the gaskets reused for the pumps, but after further inspection, I found the gaskets not to be leaking.

Now, I had to uninstall the kit which is a pain to put on and take off so I could get a closer look. After taking it off, I found the leak to be on a seam that was not welded on the bottom of the reservoir. One seam on the bottom where the mounting bracket attaches is welded, but the other side is not.

This thread is just a warning for other folks who decide to purchase the kit to check the product first and make sure everything is good, prior to installing the kit, cause it's a pain.

It's a good looking product, and I'm sure this was just an oversight on Shrockworks part. Hopefully I can get someone local to complete the weld so I don't have to ship it back to Shrockworks. I also look to notify Shrockworks of the issue.


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