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Simple sub install question

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New to my FJ and the forum... foregive the stupid questions.

My 07 FJ has the factory stereo with 6 CD changer but not the factory sub. I was planning on installing a powered sub or passive and amp... before I start ripping the dash apart, does the factory stereo have RCA outs or a sub out?

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No. But I believe that you have the factory wiring to the rear. If you wanna keep it looking factory, do a search here or on eBay for the sub and on/off switch. I have seen the sub as low as $100.00 and high as $450.00. If you want RCA type conncetions you will need to use a High level to Low level converter. AKA Speaker level to Line level. They are like in the $20.00 price range. I may have a few at my office made by Sonance that are rated at 100 watts peek. Or you can find stuff like that at most electronics stores or car audio stores. Or you could just go after market.
Thanks for the quick response - is the factory sub powered? Does the factory head have enough power to drive the sub?

I'll take a look around to see what's available and see if I can locate the pre-wiring for the sub.

I bought one of these off a member here and it hooked right up. (not sure if this is what you're asking or not)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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