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I just installed a do it yourself front skid plate on my 07 FJ. The old one was rusted out from Michigan salt. An oem set was about $500 and aftermarket skids were mainly for rock climbing and expensive. Leaving the stock skids off creates a big gap below the fan, belt, power steering lines etc which could be susceptible to sticks, rocks, ice, etc so something is needed to close that off.
The plate I made is made from .080 inch 5052 H32 aluminum which is quite strong and does not bend or dent easily. It is way lighter and cleaner than the stock plates however you lose the front center jacking point (which I never knew existed). Materials cost about $60 delivered.
The layout shows most of the major dimensions and the How To Make shows the materials and tools needed to make it. An important item is the Shopmate or something similar that can bend the stock. The stock if very, very stiff and can't be bent by just bending it against a board like air duct sheet metal can. My finished plate has a few visible dents in because it took me some time the master the bending technique. My original plan called for wings to be riveted on either side for a little wider protection but maybe I'll do that next year. There is enough stock left for wings
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That was a jacking point?
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