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I live in CA Obviously I didn't Purchase the most fuel efficient suv. However with that being said, I didn't sign up for 5.50 or even possibly 10.00 dollars per 1 gallon of gas either. When I first bought my FJ it was in 2007 and gas was just hitting just under 2 bucks a gallon. So here we are, fast forward 2012, where most people thought they would be living next to the Jetsons in the sky, flying to and from our houses. Robots used for or daily household choirs, needless to say that didn't happen. Its a fact America has one of the most expensive transportation systems in the world. Mostly due to our transportation system being built on 20 dollar barrel of gas, system not a 30,40,50,60,70,80,90,100,110,120......

I Don't Mean to go off on rant but seriously, can someone explain why we cant seem to get past the 50 mile per 1 gallon mark in an suv. And Not Any Suv the FJ Cruiser suv machine.
Plain and simple I like(possibly love) this truck/suv very much but need to change with the times. Not sure exactly how to do this efficiently and costly. I plan on using creativity and hard labor, a little money to achieve some type of other fuel component source in addition to gasoline. Im thinking on the line of hydrogen. Im not mechanic, nor scientist just an american citizen who is tired of hearing how bad things are.
Its time to make The Fj cruiser more efficient so we can keep affording to drive these awesome trucks 40 years from now.
Please help if you can.

p.s. I found these 3 websites, I have no affiliation just thought it was worth taking a look because, something like this is what i'm talking about.

United Nuclear - Hydrogen Fuel Systems

Who's Killing the Hydrogen Car? - YouTube!

Intergalactic Hydrogen
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