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solar panels for the FJ?

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Hey guys, I'm starting my search for a small solar panel setup for my rig. Either something on the roof or on the dash. Just wondering if anyone is running a solar system. Currently looking at Brunton, but I just started looking into this.
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Too bad sunshine can't be near 110 this week......we will have plenty of extra.

I have done some research on solar panels for homes....but not for cars. IF you find anything worthwhile, post it up.
What will the solar panels be used for? I have seen the ones that plug into the lighter socket to keep the battery topped up, but the only problem with doing that is if the lighter socket has no power when the key is off, then the charger does not work either.
I was just thinking it would be handy for charging up electronic do-dads... my camera, trail GPS, etc... I have a dual battery setup, so I'm not too worried about dying out on the trail, but It wouldn't hurt to be able to charge up the battery if necessary. All this talk about going Green due to the higher gas prices and global warming got me thinking about putting solar panels or a wind generator on my house to get off the grid. Just thought it could be cool for your rig too. Here is a link to the brunton panels.

Brunton Solar Panels

I was thinking the SolarFlats could be easily mounted to the roof rack or the dash if they are small enough. Very reasonable pricing.
NorthernTool has a pretty fair selection of solar panels.

Don't get off the grid, use solar or wind and put electrons back into it.

toledo FJ check out bruntons website....I own some of there fold up and roll up solar panels....they can charge anything from a car battery to computers and all electronics....good thing is if you want more power you can connect them together.....they work great

Brunton Portable Power
Brunton and Costco has them. Could be useful to charge laptops or your fridge.
At the last SoCal M&G, I believe CruiserLarry mentioned that he has solar panels on his rack. You, might want to PM him to find out about his set-up.
He runs Brunton Solaris 25 and 26.
there is a well know place here in phx
Welcome to RV Solar Electric!
I am planning to talk with them about some solutions for my energy needs.
If I find anything interesting I will post up
NorthernTool has a pretty fair selection of solar panels.

Don't get off the grid, use solar or wind and put electrons back into it.

Thats what I mean. Be able to make money from the grid instead of pay into it. My bad on the word choice.

This is starting to look like a doer.
I've had a small panel on the dash for over a year now. Wired a couple of plugs into the back of the gauge pod, so the radar detector is powered by the ignition key and the solar panel is connected all the time.
Can't say that it makes much difference, but it's a good idea. If anything it helps with the battery life. One problem with it on the dash is the glare reflected off the inside of the windshield on certain angles.
do you have any pics of it?
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