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I have my 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser for sale. It is in good condition and everything is working perfect on it. I have done a ton of work on it in the time I have owned it. It has 133k miles on it but drives like new because of all the work I have done to it. It has the expected rock chips & scratches on it which have all been touched up. It has always been on paved roads, never been on trails and there is no rust on this body either. It has electric locking rear diff and rear park sensors. Here is your chance to get a fully serviced FJ ready for whatever you want to do. $14500, located in Peru, IL

Here is a link to more pictures 2007 FJ Cruiser

Here is a list of everything that has been done in the last year.
  • New tires, about 1500 miles on them now
  • Hitch/tow package
  • Right & Left front wheel bearing hub assemblies
  • Coolant flush
  • Full transmission fluid service
  • Full transfer case fluid service
  • Full synthetic oil change, always synthetic since new
  • Spark plugs
  • Serpentine belt
  • Cabin air filter
  • Engine air filter
  • Muffler, tail pipe
  • Exhaust seals
  • Left side exhaust manifold/catalytic converter
  • Front struts and rear shocks
  • Oil cooler tubes
  • Fuel Injectors
  • Drivers door latch
  • Premium wiper blades, front and rear
  • Full chassis lubrication
  • Front and rear differentials fluid service
  • Power steering fluid service
  • Brake fluid service
  • Drivers seat belt retractor
  • Left side O2 sensor
  • Cataclean treatment for O2 and air fuel sensors
  • MAF sensor cleaning
  • Throttle body cleaning & gasket
  • PCV system cleaning
  • Vacuum leak test
  • Knock sensor wiring harness
  • Brake rotors and pads
  • Full detail with paint polish and sealant



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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