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Sold——Expedition One FJ Rear bumper, with Smooth Motion STC System- Trail Series. With textured black powder coat. PIAA LP530 LED driving lights mounted in ports, wired with Deutsch connectors ready to go. Up to a 35in tire fits easy.

No back- up camera relocation kit. Available thru Exp One for $99.

Geri Flat pack mount/with Roto Pax mount in pic not included -but will consider selling. All stainless-steel hardware, painted gloss black.

Swing arm currently remains attached to bumper to keep seals and bearings in well packed Marine grade grease. No water entry, well preserved/sealed.

Condition: A-arm: Light surface rust in some open holes and few places. One spot has minor rust under powdercoat. Nothing structural at all. Bumper: usual light wear but looks great really. Textured black touch up in both recovery point holes, as EO did not powdercoat real well in there.

I have printed instructions from Exp One to mount bumper. I may be able to assist you if I have time, I have mounted quite a few bumpers from Expedition One.

If you don’t need your OEM Rear bumper -I can trade out my already cut, well fit, plastic side panels(as per EO instructions). Buyers with TT bumpers prioritized. 😊

Current cost for this build on Expedition One’s website(without shipping): $2063. If include the PIAA LED’s cost, add another $250. Long wait time with EO- est. 4-5 mo.

Fits all years 2007-2014 Fj Cruisers. Selling bumpers(More coming) as we are returning the FJ back to OEM.
Pick up only, cant ship. Located in San Diego.

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