Cared and loved for it, time to let it go.
California title.
Clean Carfax report attached
Accident, rust, smoke, pet free.

I'd list it on BaT but I'll try here first because I've been part of this wonderful community and appreciated every moment we've shared our tips for our amazing rigs...but my family is growing, life moves my loss is someone else's gain.

If any of you have seen my posts you've seen how much I've put into this thing...from months doing the sound deadening behind every floor and wall and door panel, to tracking down amazing custom parts from forum members to upgrade it... @NestahEdition's beautiful Firestik aerial, @Iconic_'s rear recovery points, Apex front recovery points, amazing Suma convex mirrors, brand new Bilsteins and Eibach's etc, etc..

As mentioned in the title, I've added almost every TRD upgrade available, except for the cat back exhaust. I even did the oil and radiator caps! Ha ha.

Here's the run down of upgrades/changes...all done thinking this would be my forever vehicle!

PM me!

  • Dec 2021 Suma convex mirrors
  • Oct 2021 oil change 20322 miles
  • Oct 2021 tires rotated
  • Sep 2021 $1500 of sound deadening applied throughout - headliner, internally around wheel arches, all parts of cabin, firewall, rear seats, under front seats, all doors (DynaPad, DynaMat, Kilmat, DynaMat), the trunk (Hoodliner) and the trunk (Kilmat, Second Skin Luxury Liner Pro MLV and DynaPad on top!)
  • Jul 2021 installed new PCV valve part Toyota 1220431110
  • Jun 2021 new TRD Oil Tank Cap part Toyota PTR041210802
  • Jun 2021 new TRD Radiator Cap part Toyota PTR040000003
  • May 2021 new FJ Cruiser Air Dam and Spotlights
  • May 2021 TOYOTA service Autonation Irvine: Changed oil and changed oil filter to TRD Toyota oil filter PTR4300079, oil Penzoil Platinum full synthetic, Multi-point inspection, set tire pressures
  • Feb 2021 rotated tires at 11953 miles
  • Nov 2020 TOYOTA service Autonation, Irvine: mounted, aligned 5 x new tires BFGOODRICH ALL-TERRAIN T/A KO2 265/75R16
  • Feb 2021 new front coils and new shocks all wheels new front UCA's: Bilstein 6112 and new Specialty Products Company SP 25480 new upper control arms's and new serpentine belt - Toyota part: 90916A2015
  • Nov 2020 installed new treble front dash and mid/door bass speakers - $400 Focal Performance PS 165F speakers
  • Nov 2020 5 wheel rotation
  • Oct 2020 battery checked, washer fluid changed
  • Oct 2020 TOYOTA service Autonation Irvine: new TRD brakes installed: TRD big brake kit for fronts (Toyota part: PTR09-35130) and TRD rear brake pads (Toyota part: PTR09-89110), and power steering fluid changed
  • Oct 2020 MAF sensor cleaned, under body treated with rust prevention spray
  • Oct 2020 new rear shocks and springs installed - Bilstein 5160 shocks with Eibach rear 1" springs
  • Oct 2020 new Toyota rock rails part Toyota PT738-35090 and PT738-35091
  • Oct 2020 new LED lights in interior throughout
  • Oct 2020 new Apex overland front recovery points
  • Oct 2020 new Rear Recovery Points (from Iconic's - FJ Cruiser Forum member’s custom)
  • Oct 2020 new PIAA dome lights in front headlights
  • Oct 2020 new Toyota Ornament antenna part Toyota 86392-35032
  • Oct 2020 done new HEPA cabin air filter
  • Oct 2020 new Bumper Cover Bolts part Toyota 9010906371
  • Oct 2020 new carpet floor mats part Toyota PT2063512216, Toyota Rubber mat in trunk
  • Oct 2020 Replaced front wipers, new rear wiper rubber, new aluminum gear and 4WD sticks, installed Panavise magnetic phone mount, new rubber cup holder, added red TRD Toyota TRD skid plate decals, installed Firestik aerial (from Nestor!)
  • Oct 2020 smog test, DMV new car registration
  • Sep 2020 purchased
The eagle eyed ones amongst you will notice a ROAM storage box, Rotopax canisters, Rotopax mounts and I actually also have a 3.5k$ Drifta drawer set. I do NOT intend to include them in the sale…

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