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Someone cares about us TOY owners!

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A buddy of mine sent me this and to spread the word so they can get as much feedback as possible from the TOY owners.

Survey For Owners of the FJ Cruiser, Land Cruiser, Tacoma and 4Runner
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Can we get String a free t-shirt?
LOL :rofl: Now that is funny, I dont care who ya are
Ya do all know ANYONE can make a survey on that site? For all we know OCTA made the survey.
Well I sure hope the survey Police dont come get me for filling it out
UHhhhhhh well according to Websters its 'spatula'
Go look at the survey ya wrote putz, you spelled it three different ways
Spatulas on You-tube? Is there anything not on You-Tube
Survey is open and running
[Sometimes I use a spatula upside down. That weird to do?]
I do too when making srambled eggs. :)
It's all fun and games until someone gets spanked with a spatula :worried:
Hmmmm there's an idea
1 - 11 of 48 Posts
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