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With 2 trips under my belt I have seen a fair amount of what Cow Mountain has to offer. You can find mild to wild and see some great views of Clear Lake from the ridge tops.


For those that like pictures you can check out:
CowMountain Pictures
The first trip I stayed on the easy roads. Never really needed 4L but used 4L and ATRAC just because I could. I met a Jeep driver who led me on a few side roads that were tame. Rich is a great guy. Very patient with a noob.

I emailed Rich and let him know I was heading back up. My girlfriend and I met Rich and his friends around 11:30am. We made our way to the obstacle course. 4L was needed on some hill climbs with some big holes. A little slow travel and the FJ made it to the obstacle course with no issues. At the obstacle course I watched Rich work the rocks and stairs. Rich spotted for me as I put my front tire up on a large rock. Working the clutch at such slow speeds was a small challenge but managable.

Next we went down some steep hills, across a small water crossing and down towards the waterfall. The waterfall is a rock course with one way in and one way out. If you choose to start down this route you are fully committed and had better know what the hell you are doing. Rich told soem wild stories and the trees and rocks had the marks to back-up his stories.

Heading back up the hill was a challenge. A loose rock outcrop presented ATRAC with a challenge. After a little more chattering than I liked I backed off the rocks. Rich provided some spotting and encouragement. I chose the locker and crawled right up the rocks. Nothing huge, but a good learning experience. Rich was impressed with how the FJ performed and advised I had plenty of clearance.

Next we worked our way east and found route 23. 23 is listed as a black diamond. There were some other routes as well, but 23 was the primary trail we followed. This provided some very steep and long hills. The FJ handled the up and the down with no issues. A nice stream crossing put the rock rails under water. The brush was very tight so the FJ got a lot of pin stripes. The front skid plate and rear tow hitch met the dirt on a couple of sharp dips. The tow hitch cover was recovered on the first scrape but was gone after the second scrape.

I will definitely be back to Cow Mountain to practice and learn what the FJ can do. Great place with lots of options. ATRAC and rear locker were tested.



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