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Let's just say that your dealership mechanic has his cranium positioned well into his own rectum.

Not only was his warning stupid, but he probably didn't have to warranty your CV axle. Therefore, I suggest you smile, say thank you, and leave well enough alone. ;)

A 3" lift kit rotates the A arms to a different resting position within the SAME arc of movement that they went through before the kit was installed. Toyota installs Revtek 3" kits at the dealership. There's no difference to the front CV axle between the various kits.

The front suspension moves as a nearly perfect parallelogram. The distance that the CV axle has to reach across is essentially uniform throughout the suspension's travel.

The reason that a CV axle snaps is because it's torqued against resistance while the joint is at a maximal angle. It helps if you've got the suspension fully drooped, the wheel turned to full lock, and you're using a bit of skinny pedal to get through a low traction situation. If the tire goes from spinning to hooked up in a hurry, the shock load on the CV joint can be easily enough to blow out the bearing retainer ring inside.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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