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Ok who's the old dude driving the white FJ with the snorkle - and eating a lot of fast food?
Maybe I should explain myself.
I was in Fayetteville recently, with 12 high school students, who required ALOT of hamburgers. First day we pull into Mickey D's and my students go wild when they see another FJ that has a snorkle. I tell them that they aren't really that uncommon and well we pull into Burger King the next day and one of the young ladies points out another white FJ, with you guessed it a snorkle. It takes just a second for them to tell that it's the same one. So as my group goes in they are all searching out the driver trying to guess who it might be. The a older gentleman with grey hair accompanied by his wife walk out..... I say that's him they all say NO. Well let's just say this older grey haired guy was right.

And AJ if that was you man apologies for not speaking!
Anyways nice rig.......
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