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Squeeking W/Toytec 3"

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I'm getting a constant squeeking in the rear, the springs I would have to guess. I have the Toytec 3" with med. springs. Any sugg.? I looked at the springs & everything looks OK to me. I did not install myself, had a buddy/mech. do install. I did talk to him & he did check it out. Could not find anything wrong. Is there anything I could do for this? Anyone else have this? I will contact Toytec tech line to ask, but I thought this my be faster. Thank you for any replies....MAXXFJ
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There have been a few threads on this. Squeaks are 9 times out of 10 rubber rubbing on metal. Your best bet is to rock the FJ while a friend pinpoints exactly where the noise is coming from. Then, see if it is something that can be adjusted, if not, silicone spray will resolve the noise for sometime but may not be a permanent fix.
Someone recently posted a thread almost with the same problem. I don't recall what the outcome was though.
Good luck!
something is touching....I know that we had to work to get the springs seated down all the way and turned correctly so they would seat down there.....lift up rear end and twist the springs slightly in their mount to make sure they are properly seated top and bottom......and see if that helps.

I also have the ToyTec OME Medium in both FRONT and REAR of my FJ with no squeaks at all.
If you've eliminated all rubber to metal connections (including the sway bar bushings both front and rear), then the only rubber that's not really accessible (or obvious) is the rubber isolator that's inside the rear coil spring. If that's what's squeaking, then I can't think of a way to stop that, other than re-seating the spring...
Thanks, I didn't think of searching this problem. From the driver's seat I'm sure it's the rear springs, it's not real bad but it is there. I'll try the rocking thing when my kid get's here & also hit a few points with the lube. I was just going to use it as an excuse to go trail riding today,Its going to go something like this "Honny, the guy's on the forum said the only way I can get rid of the squeek is to run some trails & seat the springs better- OK? I'll see you later, bye..." And the FJ & MAXX are gone for the day. Thank You Forum members.....
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