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I just installed a new Alpine ixa-w407 in my g/f's '08 OR edition. It had the base stereo with just the front speakers and what Toyota is calling roof "speakers". Nothing else. The install was super easy, but when I pulled the OEM deck out, there were 3 populated jacks plugged into it. 2 of them were obvious (power etc+ front speakers on one, and rear "speakers" on another), but the third connector didn't seem to serve any purpose. I can't find any posts on here that mention the function of the 3rd connector, and wiring pinouts are almost impossible to find for the FJs. I assume at least 3 of the wires are for the 1/8" aux input, but there are at maybe 7 or 8 wires running into it. Any help would be much appreciated.

Fwiw, everything on the new stereo seems to work fine (all speakers are working). I didn't have a chance to check the aux, but I'm almost sure that's at least part of the 3rd plug anyways.

The plug in the red circle is the one I'm concerned about:
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