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Stereo install progress *update*

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this is how far I got today...

installed 4 x Infinity 3.5" units.. both the dash and the rear were tricky and needed some adjusting to space the speakers out etc, new holes drilled...

2 x Pioneer 6x 9 installed in doors...

all topics regarding this were very helpful, however none mentioned polarity of sotck wiring in doors...

right door pink is positive and left door red is positive (thanks to whomever it was who posted full wiring diags for the FJ... found color coded stereo diag on page 40 (ish?) )

Made a few other minor changes... you dont need a dremel as mention in the post (for door install).. side cutters suffice to hack up old speakers (if you can even call it that... how pathetic! no wonder it sounds like crap!!!!!)

I'll post pix later...

next plan is to get amp and I guess intercept feeds to the 6x9's ...

the 6 x 9s are rated at 230 w 80w RMS ....

what kinda amp should I look at to drive them and also a 10" sub (not yet purchased) ?
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fish_antlers said:
btw... I really am blown away by just how crappy the speakers are that I pulled out of the FJ. Toyota should hang their head in shame!

I know I read about it in several posts, but I was still totally blown away, especially when I got to the 6x9s in the door. Man oh man... al FJ owners whould take the door apart and see for themselves... key is to actually unbolt the sorry excuse for a speaker in your hand... still shaking my head.

and this is the PREMIUM "top of the line" package. Did I ever get ripped off!

antlers...yeah man, I hear you. People just don't realize what a load of crap they are. Seeing is believing! The Toyota stock 6x9 weighs less then 1/2 of one of my Boston 3.5"s. Like I've said before, I have bigger magnets on my fridge then what comes on the stock 6"x9"s.
L Toups said:
Not to be rude, but the toyota stock speakers are tons better
than any thing comming from the big 3.
You're not being rude....just ignorant! If you haven't taken a look at the speakers up close and personal then you just don't know.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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