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I wasn't really satisfied with the weak factory subwoofer. I also wasn't excited to pay too much to replace it. I managed to find a cost effective alternative.

What I purchased:

1 10" Rockford Fosgate PS1 subwoofer ($59)
1 Rockford Fosgate R250-1 mono amp ($110 on eBay with a great wiring kit)
1 Q Logic .65 enclosure (I think around $100)
2 6mm hex bolts - 4 inches long ($1)

I used an aftermarket stereo with subwoofer RCA outs.

First I removed the passenger side seat. The supplied wiring kit did not come with enough 8 gauge wire to run the amp to the back. I then ran the power from the battery and through the passenger side. I grounded the amp using a bolt that attaches the sear to the floor. I mounted the amp under the seat, securing it with the screws provided in the amp. The amp came with a wired remote, that I routed to the glove compartment. I drilled two holes in the Q Logic box (and sealed it with silicone) to correspond with the bolts used to mount the factory subwoofer.

Hope that helps someone out there. The amp is 150 watts into the 4 ohm subwoofer. It won't rattle the car apart, but is so much better than the factory subwoofer.
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