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Suggestion on Tyres and its related issues

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Hello Everyone,

I recently bought a FJ 2008. I was fond of big tyres specially when i see a modified Wrangler passing by. So a local tyre shop offered me 285/70/17 (some chinese copy of b.f.goodwrich). It has very big thread gaps (see attached photo)

Now somehow the tyre looks very big and i feel that its touching my fenders.

Then i decided to do a lift 3cm. My jeep now has a bumpy rider, it runs left right and very uncomfortable to handle. Someone told me that its because of the big tyres.

My question is, am i the only one who installed this size tyre and now having handling problems or other people face the same ? Should i change my tyes to 275/65/17 ??


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The tires touched the fenders because of the aftermarket wheels having a much lower offset compared to the original ones...pushes them outward.

The ride is now bumpy because those new springs they sold you are far too stiff. Looks like they are for a truck that has extra weight up front like a steel bumper and winch.

It is hard to handle because it is lifted and now cannot get enough positive caster with the suspension. It needs new upper control arms for additional caster which will help keep it from wanting to dart around and steer all over on its own.

First step is to get springs that are for stock weight....or could put the stock springs back on those 5100s and just lift with the strut adjustment only.
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Thank you very much for such a detailed explanation, i shall follow your guide and see how it goes.
For a start, i throwed away those fake Method rims and put back the original rims, this allowed the tyre to move back in, which now doesnt touch the inner fender.
one tyre was puhsed, so i re-did the wheel allignment and readjusted the axil, and now my jeep is much smoother than before.
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