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Here's an out of the box idea...

For all the beer lovers who attend the summit, how about a beer exchange. Those who participate contribute at least a 6er of local beer from their area to a then the privelege to sample beers from the pool that others contribute.

I suppose it'd have to be off site from the BW so as not to break their rule of "no outside alcohol". Maybe someone could talk to a sponsor who can choose a local venue for a party and act as host to the beer exchange.

I know everytime I go to the local Whole Foods (a grocer for those not familiar with the chain) to peruse their vast selection, I'm perplexed at what to try next. There are so many options these days. Anyway, this could be a way for those who don't have access to craft beer from all across this great nation (and beyond?) to try something new. Plus I'm in favor of supporting local craft brewers and spreading the word is a damn fine worthwhile cause. :rocker:

I write this now as I'm enjoying a Inversion IPA by Deschutes Brewery in Bend OR.

Anybody else out there of the same mind?
While I like the idea of sampling other micro-brews, I think this idea stretches the efforts of the organizers and also lines them up for some potential liability. Definitely easier to accomplish this amongst a small group of individuals staying in the same place such as the KOA.

PS - I have access to around 500 micro-brews from around the country. :)
161 - 161 of 161 Posts