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Preparing to replace damaged passenger suicide door (pole damage) with a perfect door purchased from a salvaged FJ. Can't find any video, guidance, or tips. I did find video of panel removal, which is helpful. If anyone has removed/replaced a suicide door, tips would be appreciated.

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Toyota typically designs doors so the factory can remove them after paint, for assembly, and then reattach at the very end of the line without having to re-do alignment. For this they use centering bolts for the Hinge X Door attachment.

So, your process should be pretty straightforward: remove the quarter trim first (to do that must first remove the rear seat belt lower bolt, and the door opening weatherstrip), to get to the courtesy switch wiring connector and unplug it so the door can come completely off.

Then, unbolt the door check from the pillar (be careful not to let the door over open and damage your body!).
Then, unbolt the hinges from the door (not from the body).

Bolt the new door to the hinges (the bolts should be centering bolts so the door should go on already correctly aligned, or be very close), the door check and the courtesy switch wiring.

Check function and clearances. If the door needs any adjusting, loosen (slightly) the body bolts then shift the door as required.

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