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It sounds terrible but I am a little worried on the gas situation as well. I even asked the company I work for if they own a gas tanker that I could borrow but then comes the question 2000 gallons of gas times $2.40 per gallon for premium (yes gas is that expensive in Colorado during the summer :boohoo: ) is way to much for me to fill.
A little math
100 Fj's x 12 gallons per day = 1200 x 4 days = 4800 gallons x $2.40 = $11520.00 :jawdrop:
I wanna own the gas station!
I guess the cure is to bring a few full cans if your worried!
There are gas stations in Ridgeway, Telluride, Silverton, and Lake City, which are all at ends of the trails. There are far more vehicles in town during long Fourth of July weekends than the numbers your talking about here.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts