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All of the trails at Ouray are very easily done with a stock FJ. You do not need to spend money on anything to do them. Rental Jeeps do all but Black Bear and that is an insurance issue. The Summit has competent Trail leaders to get you there and back, just set back, listen and have a ball.

I normally get tagged/Trail Lead for the beginners on Black Bear, and we have a ball. I promise you you will enjoy the run. Doing it twice this year, 8am Thursday and 8am Saturday. You are welcome to come with us.

Just be ready for some of the most beautiful country you have ever seen, the greatest array of wild flowers and some beautiful snow capped Matahorn type peaks. It can not get to be July soon enough for me. I love the place. Plan to do Imogene at night this year to see the Milky Way. Has to be fantastic.

Your gonna love this place!!!!!
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