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Anyone try one of these? I know several are running the Dashawk or the scangauge but from what I understand these two are non-invasive, they don't correct the speed issue just tell you the correct speed. Opinions or other feedback?!

Superlift TruSpeed - Jeep Dodge Toyota

The TruSpeed addresses all speed signal-related problems; it doesn't just correct the speedometer. How? The TruSpeed module installs in-line with the factory electronic speed sensor and converts the wrong speed signal into the correct one for your vehicle's new tire and/or axle gear ratio combination. Because the signal is altered at its source, all speed-sensitive vehicle systems will receive the correct speed data, which restores all proper functions. The TruSpeed is available for most domestic and import vehicles equipped with an electronic speedometer.

Main Features:
  • Corrects speedometer / odometer readings, and the speed signal sent to the engine, Powertrain, and anti-lock brake control modules. Besides the obvious, these modules affect fuel delivery, engine timing, and automatic transmission shift points.
  • Eliminates speed signal related reductions in engine performance and fuel economy, as well as related changes in exhaust emissions
  • Infinite adjustability provides precise speed signal calibration within 1%
  • Two settings allow off-roaders that seasonally run different height tires to correct their speed signal by flipping a switch
  • Simple four-wire hookup
  • Includes complete instructions and adjustment charts
  • Can be recalibrated infinitely for future tire size or gear ratio changes
  • Works on most vehicles equipped with an electronic speedometer - (877) 4x4-ROCK
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