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I recently advertised a GPS (Garmin Quest 2 with the "over the steering wheel" console kit from Garmin/Toyota). You know the one I'm speaking of. I haven't made any sales online so I'm really new to this and really don't know the proper procedure to protect both parties. I was made an offer by an individual in Alaska (SILVER TS). He suggested Paypal and I agreed. I sent the unit before I was paid on Paypal. I thought I had just learned a lesson on buying and selling over the internet. This individual wanted a tracking number (resonable request) but to get a tracking number from UPS was going to cost me another $20 dollars on top of the "priority" shipping from Oregon to Alaska, so I opted for the less expensive $24.12. I shipped; no response. In my frustration I wrote this guy a note stating that I hoped he was being honest about the deal and would appreciate a response. I told him that I was in a bind and really needed the money for an insurance payment. I thought at the very least I would be lucky to get my money after he had recieved the unit, which would have been OK, but it would still have made me late on my payment.
SILVER TS wrote back to me. He said the reason he hadn't responded to my e-mails was because he is in Afghanistan and it is impossible for him to respond to any messages immediately. He also sent the money via Paypal on Sunday. I wondered why his responses came at very odd hours of the night since we are both in the same time zone.
Needless to say, I was both embarrassed and humbled by his response.
SILVER TS is stationed in Afghanistan, he is a Calvary Scout with the United States Army. He won't get back home until April 12th, 2012. He will be coming home to a newborn baby boy. I can only imagine his stress and anxiety, and his longing for home.
I guess what I'm getting at is that we all have our own little problems in our own little worlds, but the majority of them pale in comparison to what SILVER TS and others in our armed forces have to deal with. I believe a "Calvary Scout" is literally on the front lines of battle every day. He's over there making sure that you and I and our families are safe and still have the freedom to write back and forth to each other, make our little sales and trades, build and play with our neat little toys.... I think you get it. I just want to say "THANK YOU" to SILVER TS as well as the rest of our armed forces for keeping us safe. This little sale of mine was a blessing in disguise.. It really opened my eyes and made me realize that my little problems amount to NOTHING.
May God Bless SILVER TS and the rest of our troops and their families and bring them home safely.
Thank you, and thank the rest of you for taking the time to read this.
Kenneth S. Luglan
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