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Surf Board and Kayak Racks SOLUTION!

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Hi All--

Here is the solution, clean minimal effort works and uses ONLY what Toyota gave us to work with.

What you need:
1 25mm torx driver cost .99


1 Remove the top cross bar

2 Take the first cross bar from the lower rail. Extend to to the maximum length. Place it exactly 7.5 inches from the top grommets on the top rail. You can use both torx screws for security.

3 Now the fun part use either the top cross bar or the last cross bar from the bottom rail adjust the fit and place it ABOVE the second cross bar on the lower rail. Adjust to fit.

4 Take the remaining cross bar adjust it to it's smallest setting and place it BEHIND the second cross bar on the lower rail.

Works PERFECTLY! Plus the boards DO NOT come in contact with the rear rail

I have stacked 10'6, (2) 10', 9'6, 8.6 mini gun, 6'8, and a 5'6 chip on top all in board bags. No sag no fus no mus! :clap:

Place the boards to one side or the other (easer to tighten) Use a regular surf strap (I have Maui Built and have ordered a "Steel Core" (see strap using the "U" method for securing them i.e create a under on one side two straps over the top the same under the cross bar on the other side cinching them on the top.
If you "wrap" the across the rack from side to side the boards WILL slip from side to side and you get the annoying hum or rather scream!

I drove from SF to SC at above HWY speeds with no issues wind noise or issues.

For boards use ONLY aerodynamic pads pads (Aqua Surf Shop ask for Alex or Steel core ask for Sam tell'em Bryan sent you by) the round ones won't work.

For Kayaks I like the High Tech 36" ones from High tech Maui ones (They rock) and fit perfectly.

Hope this helps... 'cause it's clean, and does not change the lines of the FJ

Problem solved if you need pic's hit me up and I'll shoot them over
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Can you post pics? If not, I can walk you thru it. I usually just stick my 9'6 hybrid board out of the rear window and drive the side streets to the beach. I was thinking of trying to get it on the rack instead.
wow you should send the idea to toyota so they can put instructions in the manual
Sweet. Great post.
Good post. I just figured this out on my own in the parking lot AFTER buying a surfboard. It was handy to have a TORX driver in the car to adjust the bars. Simple fix, and all you need are 2 pads, 2 straps. My 9'2" fits with no problems.
I would love to see pictures of this since I have two kayaks and just want to use what toyota gave me.
Nice thread, would love to see some pics of it!!:cheers:
Looks like the OP came here, posted 8 times, and hasn't been back since (well, at least since 7/2/08).
Nice. Good solid directions above for OEM rack adjusting. Just saw this right now, but I ended up figuring it out (*yes, the fun part) yesterday. Only a couple of the cross bars extend with adjusting screws for them fit on the top bars perfectly, (yes only 1 or 2 will go all the way to the front for longboard/kayak support). I bought the DAKINE aero bar cover pads… can now strap on multiple surfboards no problem. :) Away we go!
A pair of Thule Hang Ten's for $55, straps included. Nice, clean.:bigthumb:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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