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welcome to the world of surf casting!
the best advice is to hit your local B&T shop they will set you of right now being the water temps are so high your best bet is to throw bait in the ocean...the farther east the need to decide if you wanna throw bait or lures...which shore north south or both? for the south shore you will want a 10-11ft rod capable of throwing 10oz for bait...i usually never through bait except for the heat of the now.. as far as lures go id say do some research on plugs (lures) each one serves its own purpose and will require a special retrieve... id suggest to join there are a little more forgiving to newbie fisherman...there is also and site has its pluses... my suggestion would be to fish your local waters...go there at low tide look for structure (rocks or anything that you thing fish would swim around) also look for rips in the water and fish them.. there is so much to learn it isn't even funny i have been surf casting for 5 years now and am not even close to knowing it all...but it all comes down to putting your time in... people who surfcast don't like to give up there spots, in fact everyone thinks there spot is top secret..i would advise again asking people for spots, and avoid chasing fishing reports they will only set you up for disappointment...i f i explained anything uncleanly i appoligize i am more of a hands on guy.. some shops id recommend is J&J sports in patchogue, rocky point fishing stop, and causeway B&T in wantaugh...avoid dicks or sports authority at all costs they dont know there ass from there elbow and its better in my opinion to supports a smaller business...
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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