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I purchased a 2014 FJ in March of last year and it came with upgraded suspension. From what I can tell it has upgraded shocks and a front leveling kit. Specifically, it's running Bilstein 48510-OW060 and I've included pictures of the shocks and spacer. The stance looks a little high in the front for my taste (pic included of that too). The front is at 37.5" from wheel arch to ground and the back is at 36". So, I'm considering taking out the front spacer to bring down the front a bit. Before I do so, I'm curious about what exactly the suspension configuration is.

Is this suspension a factory option? I've seen there is an off-road package for 2014. Does that come with the front spacer?

The spacer itself looks small compared with some of the larger ones I've seen online, but I've also read that spacer size doesn't equal the amount of lift because of the geometry change. How low will the front be after removing the spacer?

Curious about the Bilstein 48510... does anyone know how these compare with the popular 5100s?

Thanks for the input!


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The distance from the center of the wheel to the lip of the flare by my eye looks to be about the same. So looks like a leveling spacer. Stock the FJ has about 1.5" lower front end (e.g. "rake").

The amount of lift you get from a spacer is typically double the height of the lift (1/2" spacer = 1" lift).

I think the offroad package came stock with Bilstein shocks -- so this could be it....but maybe some others can chime in that have an FJ with the offroad packages. The other packages came stock with Tokico shocks. The Bilstein 5100s that are popular come with 3 different "lands" where you can locate the springs on the shock body. Where you choose to place the lower land will change the lift height. That is one reason they are pretty popular.

What I dont like about the typical 5100 is that you must remove the entire coilover assembly from the vehicle. Compress the spring (safely), readjust the land height location and reassemble the coilover and then put the coilover back in the vehicle. Unless you have the tools and skill to do this....they are not exactly "adjustable" as advertised. Expect to pay a shop about $300 to do that job.

I am not pushing what I purchased (although I am perfectly satisfied), but this is why I bought the Bilstein shock with the infinitely adjustable coilovers that come pre-assembled and can be adjusted while on the vehicle and basically change the preload on the spring to change the lift height. It is part of the Toytec Ultimate Lift Package. And, there are many truly adjustable coilovers..not just Bilstein.

You probably want to research suspensions a bit more before you start doing anything. Many people spend extra money having to do it over again...once they know what they want and lament that they should have just done it "right" in the first place and it would have been cheaper.

See the Sticky at the top of the suspension section here:
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