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x2 Metal Tech will confirm this for you, and I think others are moving that way too. The "heavies" are really only if you plan to put an almost ridiculous amount of weight on your rig.
So what your saying is that I have a ridiculous amount of weight on my rig? Anyway, I would install the 883's If you are just planning on a lift, The 884's if you are just adding a bumper, the 885's if you are adding a bumper and winch, and the 886's if you are like me and have a heavy bumper and winch, full skids, dual group 31 batteries, and a SC. Total added weight just in the front of my rig is about 400lbs to be able to run the 886's. If you are too stiff on the front you will wear your CV's quickly and if you are too stiff on the rear it will affect your ABS when going over small bumps.
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