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Suspension/tire screech question

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Just had my suspension upgraded yesterday to the Icons at Demellos. Love it! Only thing is I can't hug turns like I usually do without the tires sliding on me (Because I'm taller now?) My question is what do I do to stabilize myself a little better? It's nothing major, but noticeable. My FJ's only a month old and I still have the BF rugged trails on. Just not sure if I need the suspension to settle for a while, get wider tires, alignment, or some kinda after market sway bar. Any advice?
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What size tires/lift are you running? When you lift a vehicle it does tend to become more top heavy unless you widen your wheel base. That's why prerunner desert trucks that race in the Baja 500 & 1000 have such wide front stances for better stability, grip, etc. The wider the tire, the more contact the tire will make with the ground, offering better grip and handling. Your gas mileage will suffer from the larger tire size but it may be what you are looking for performance wise.
I noticed that when I lifted and still had stock size tires on. Soon as I went up to my 285/70/17's I got most of that stability back. Get some new shoes!

Get an alignment within a week or two as well.
Sandstorm? I say it there getting worked on.

Start with an alignment then I would play with the tire PSI that should help out a lot. After that really all you can do is get better tires. But newer tires (off road) will give you worse street handling so that might not help as much as you think it will.

Good luck. :)
Yeah, that was my sandstorm. Thanx for the input guys!!:bigthumb:
high center of gravity has alot to do with it, I would suggest 1" wheel spacers to offset it a bit but just slow em down works best.
I'm guessing a good alignment will sort it out. Give it a little time for the suspension to settle though.
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