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Well, from running without an alignment for the
better part of a year, my LTB's are not looking
too healthy... I have one that is down to below
a 1/16" tread in the center, and the other three
at 1/8" to 1/4"...

Anyone have any used ones the need to get rid
of that may be closer to the east coast to boot !...
I know alot of people have ran these, and some
have moved on to other brands and such... just
curious... I am only looking for mabe 2, even 1
would help keep me going for a bit, so I would not
have to bolt on the stockers again... They can be
worn to a 1/4" since that will get me another 4-6
months, and that is what I need, a little more time
to come up with some bucks for maybe some KM2's...

Thank You... :cheers:
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