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Tahuya on the 28th or 29th?

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I'm thinking about making a day trip out to Tahuya State Forest on Sun the 28th, or Mon the 29th. Anyone going to be out there?
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I might be able to make it! I just need to plan a trip for Seattle sat an Sunday! Snoqualmie pass is not looking good for the weekend. I'll let you guys know!

I'm planning to be in Seattle on Sat and be at Krispy Cream at 8:00am. I have never been there, can you guys please tell me which one?

Krispy Kreme, Tacoma Mall

They're talking about Sunday though Andy...
Yes, I meant be on Saturday in Seattle and then go to Tacoma on Sunday morning!
Sorry I can't make it.... Family issues. Have fun and be safe!
1 - 4 of 66 Posts
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