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So I think my dad is gunna tag along in his stock 09 FJ. So +1. Will he be alright at Tahuya without lift/tires? I have never been but I have heard that it is pretty tame for the most part.
I have a stock 11. I have been out there a few times, and there are some trails that I thought were fine. There were some others that I would not try to attempt.
Stockers will do just fine on the loop and most of the spurs. Tahuya is a terrific place to get some sympathy for one's vehicle with less risk of real damage -- or additional practice for folk with more experience. It's a very good opportunity to (re-)learn the dimensions of the truck, work on good line picking, tire placement and other items (e.g., left-foot braking). There are some tight (ish) sots, so stock running boards beware!

A few weeks back, the little hill climb on the west side of the South Loop was a bit more "cut" on one side (passenger side traveling uphill) making straddling the "v" a bit more difficult with the stock FJC stance without airing down.

There are some rock gardens, as well as Yellow Jacket if there's an interest. Please no one drown a truck in Mud Lake.

-- Paul
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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