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Hey guys,

My FJ has recently started creating a tapping sound in the rear. This issue seems to be associated with the spinning of the rear driver side wheel. I was able to pin point a position on the tire, that when it would hit the 12 O'clock position, it would create a tapping sound. I've pulled off the tire and additional components and it does not appear to be an issue with brakes/mounting. Additionally, the noise does not persist when moving in reverse. Has anyone run into this before? Details on FJ/steps taken to troubleshoot below:

FJ Cruiser Details:
  • 2007
  • 2nd Owner
  • Tires are kind of worn, looking to replace this year.
  • Brakes were done earlier this year (~4 months ago), did not have any issues after installation.
  • 170k miles
  • Minimal to no offroading.
Troubleshooting Steps Taken:
  • Ensured rear door seals properly.
  • Ensured brakes and caliper housing are mounted properly.
  • Ensured that the wheel is mounted properly.
  • Ensured the jack was mounted securely.
  • Ran an OBD test, no results.
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