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This mini vci techstream cable may be cheap, or a knock off, but it works, and it works well.

Features that are changeable are dependent on the car. My 01 Celica connected right away, greeted with a prompt confirming it was a 2001 Toyota Celica GT with the 1ZZ-FE engine. Same thing with my 00 MR2 spyder. Basic info, no real changes could be made to those older cars.

Tried it on my mom's 06 avalon, and I saw many more options. Everything from time delay of alarm from key unlock to calibrating the passenger seat weight sensor and even adjusting climate temp to be accurate to the temp desired and automatic headlight sensitivity. I even toned down the volume of the "key in ignition" reminder. Live readings of sensors are very helpful when trying to find a root cause of some issue and it records the data, too, so you can just drive and check the info later.

Both the MR2 and the Avalon, as well as a 99 Solara my brother owns have immobilizers built in, so you can add keys, clear lost keys, etc from this program. If you do an ECU swap and need to register a new master key, you WILL need someone with clearance to translate a seed code into a passcode.

No flash line, so you cannot reflash an ECU.

Only complaint would be the ease of installation of the software. Yes the software appears to be stolen, yes the drivers are for a name brand unit, yes the cd included is a 3 inch cd that someone made in their basement in a burner (mine even had a little panda on it...). I am in IT and with workarounds found on Toyota forums, you can install on a 64 bit system. I have it on three computers, an old xp laptop that I now leave in my garage, A mini computer running windows 7 32 bit for driving around collecting sensor data, and my windows 8 64 bit laptop. All three work fine.

Do NOT run the updater for the drivers, it in many ways comes back to being spyware/virus. Simply delete or never run and you are good to go.

In summary, this is a useful tool that will more than likely save some serious bucks at the dealer or mechanic if you pinpoint an issue before bringing it to them. Really, it was cheaper than my cheapest of the cheap OBD scanner, yet even has a basic obd scan built into it. If this tool ever breaks, I would instantly replace.
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