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As many people may or may not know, Red Dirt Offroad is based in Dallas/Ft Worth. We live as a part of this great, proud community. The cowardly attacks in downtown Dallas on July 7th, 2016 ring hard in the hearts of those who live in this proud city and greater metro area, the State of Texas, and those across this great nation.

This sticker bagan as nothing more than a quick graphic thrown together for a Facebook profile for one of the RDO family. Quickly, we had many requests to produce the graphic as a sticker. We are happy to oblige and will proudly doante all proceeds to The Russ Martin Show Listeners Foundation which benefits the families of fallen police officers and firefighters. We will not retain a single penny of profit off these stickers.

The 3" sticker is exactly like the image shown, but the cut of the sticker outlines the state of Texas. We are producing these stickers at a premium grade so they will be durable both indoors and outdoors. Previous stickers on this quality have lasted years and years in the Texas sun.

About the specified price: We chose to sell these stickers at a minimum of $12 PER STICKER to symbolize the 12 officers wounded or, sadly, killed as a result of the events in Dallas.

Thank you,
Red Dirt Offroad

ORDER HERE: Texas Backs the Blue Fundraiser Sticker (

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