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It has been said before, and I must say it again. This forum kicks ass. Why?
Well, it has given me confidence, taught me, made me laugh and its always there when I need to run away for awhile at work.
But more to the point, I just finished installing my Yaesu FT-857. I got all the tech I needed from the forum, the mounting ideas from the forum, the confidence and courage to actually tear my baby apart and do it!
It almost all worked the way I had envisioned! I ran out of wire, burned myself on a live wire (disconnect power when working!), bought a Dremel (what a tool!) to make a few extra cuts, proud owner of a new trouble light 9cursed not having one too many times), and now I have my FT-857 installed and working. Yippee!!
Thank you all for your help and inspiration. I almost feel like I can do anything now!:clap:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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