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On August 30th, 2019 I was involved in a minor car accident in my dear old Icy. Everyone was alright but this one wouldn't be one the FJ could drive away from.

As I was driving straight through an intersection a young woman in the car to my right decided to make a left turn without looking over her shoulder or anything and swerved right into my front passenger corner. Luckily the FJ took it like a champ but there was a bit of damage done to both vehicles. It was just ridiculous since not only was she in the right-most lane of an intersection but she was also in a straight-only lane, so there was no logical reason she should or could turn besides the fact that she was an idiot and wasn't paying attention to anything.

Her car got pretty smashed in on its driver side to the point that both drivers side doors wouldn't open and the windows were shattered. My FJ had a broken Bushwacker fender flare, slightly dented and scratched fender, slightly scratched turn signal, broken front trim filler piece, slightly tweaked Demello front bumper, barely scratched front wheel, and a cracked lower control arm. Because of the control arm being cracked, there was no way I could drive the FJ out of this one.

A tow truck came to the rescue and as we exchanged information I discovered her insurance had lapsed. So her car got impounded and luckily my insurance is covering the costs for me.

Luckily because of that Demello bumper being the 3-hoop model, the side hoops really did their job at protecting the corner of the FJ in the accident. It definitely wasn't totaled but work needed to be done. As I write this I should be getting it back either tomorrow or the day after. They replaced the lower control arm with an OEM one, bought new Bushwacker fender flares for the front and have had to cut out the section to accommodate the snorkel, and have repaired the front fender. I have yet to see the finished product in person but I'm hopeful they will have done a good job. I wanted to get Total Chaos Expedition Series LCAs really badly but I would have had to pay out of pocket and they are just too darn expensive.

HOWEVER, because of the damage to the front bumper, and the fact the FJ is covered INCLUDING the front bumper, I get to get a new front bumper! At first I was going to go with a brand new Demello Angry Eye bumper since that had been the Demello design I really liked but just happened to get my hands on a cheap 3-hoop instead. But my other top choice for bumpers has always been Expedition One which is just right here in Utah. And because Blake at Cruiser Gear was able to hook me up with a sweet deal, it was cheaper than even going with the Demello one! So it looks like in a couple months I will be sporting a brand new Exp One WyoOtto bumper!

Pretty excited for this next step in the build and to have this experience of running one of their bumpers since I've wanted to for the longest time. In the mean time I will just run the old bent bumper since it wont affect the drive-ability of the FJ.
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