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The "Green box on wheels" 2010 AG 6MT build

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Well, there it is, The Green Box on wheels. After a little over a year of modding, quiet a few mistakes and bad decisions i finally got in the right path... at least i think i did :)

Unfortunately no images of stock model, except crappy one, at night, but you all know how it looks like :lol: I bought very basic model, no hatch, no rails, no alarm.. well, with upgr pckg2.

This is what i have installed so far:

Pro Comp 8089 17x8 wheels
Nitto Terra Grappler tires - Removed
---Aries Nefr Bars - Removed
OEM Trailer hitch
Hella Rallye 1000 Black Magic with OEM switch and harness
VIP RS3200 Security with GB Sensor
TRD knobs
Led Dome lights
Husky Liners front and back.
Aeroflow Headlight Covers.
OEM rock rails
Locking fuel door
Ricochet Front bash plate, engine, transmission, transfer case, cross bar, gas tank skinds.
Secondary high pitch horn.
TRD Quick shifter.
Scuba mod.
TRD Exhaust.
Full CB radio install
Weathertech windows visors
Ricochet wind deflector for OEM rack
Front - Bilstein HD shocks with 3/4" lift Toytec spacers. - Removed
Rear - Bilstein HD shocks with stock TT coils (red :)) - Removed
Black out bumpers and bezel (PlastiDip)
TT Mirrors.
Tundra door handles.
TRD air filter Removed
Radflo Front coil-overs
Icon rear shocks
Cornfed - rear spacers Removed
33 x 12.5 x 17 Mikey Thompson radial ATZ`s on stock rims powdercoated
Spydertrax 1.25" spacers
Nitto Terra Grapplers 285/70/17 on Fuel Hostage rims 17x9, 4.5BS -12mm gone
AFe Cold Air Intake
Road Armor Stealth bumper
PIAA 4" Ion fog lights
Warn HID 8" lights
Safary Snorkel
ToyOutfitters lower rear links
ToyOutfitters rear upper links
All Pro 3.5 rear coils
All Pro Apex sliders
Gusseted spindles
Custom LR Adjustable UCA`s - DAPURAK style :)
Mikey Thompson Classic III wheels, customizes by OMF Performance
35x12 Mikey Thompson Baja MTZ tires
Expedition1 Bumper with swingout
Superwinch TigerShark with synthetic line

As it stands now:

Some images of the progress:

3 days old...

I will be updating it as i receive parts and install them :)

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Sweet rig... I got the idea for the locking gas door from seeing yours about a week ago doing a random search on google for FJ parts.
Off Road wheels are done, thanks Joe :cheers: 17" OEM powdercoated matte "army" green. KM2s will go on them :D

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those are some sweet rims! :cheers:
and the window deflectors you have are weathertech?
how about a NJ meet/greet thing :lol:
Dude !.... Love the rims !.... Very Koool Kolor !... :bigthumb:

I wonder how they will look on a blackdiamond.... ;)
@RobPolak - are you back to Jersey? We can arrange something :cheers: Yes, those are weathertech :)

@bandi - Thanks Leroy, you can always come and borrow them :bandit:
Lets see em on the rig! Thats gunna be a lotta green for sure..
Hopefully this week i`ll get KM2s on them.
I hope I get home from Missouri before it's too cold out and paint my aluminum rims for mine and the wifes fj's... Those armygreen's give me the incentive !
Deleted.... picture not working
Color match the roof!!!!! or army green line-x :)
Sure sure... my pictures suck haha. Nice work on those 2011 wheels :bigthumb:

Nawww, i will leave my roof alone, i like it the way it is :bandit:
@RobPolak - are you back to Jersey? We can arrange something :cheers: Yes, those are weathertech :)
Yeup back home for good :bigthumb:
what type of gas cap is that???
Wheels look awesome.....
@reddogjoel that`s a TRD plastic cover for OEM cap. You can get it on ebay.

Thanks Brian :cheers:
Looks good, although I would ditch the chrome logos on the wheels or paint em black..
Gwad that looks GOOOD with the GREEN ! :cheers:
I love it!
161 - 180 of 317 Posts
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