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I'm taking a crew from the DFW area into the interior of Big Bend Ranch State Park. We plan on a full travel day, ending up at Los Alamos Ranch, just north of the park on HWY 169. Los Alamos Ranch is on private land and has full facilities, which is perfect after a long 9 to 11 hour drive from the big city.
The next 2 days will have us camping in the eastern and then central sections of the park, exploring the trails around the Solitario and the Llano areas of the park.
The last two days and nights we are going to head into the Cienega Mountain area, which is rarely visited, according to the park rangers. (Even he only goes out there about every 2 years or more)
The goal is to find an old ranch house named Casa Ramon, set up camp and explore that section of the park.
We will spend 2 nights and days finding old trails around this remote area. On the far west section is the Cienega Gorge. "Not many folks make it out that far, as it's some very rugged terrain." - Ranger Tim

Sounds like the perfect winter expedition to me.

This trip will take place Dec 26-31st 2018
All spots are full. We have some forum and non forum members going.
So far, weather predictions are ok... but this is Texas, everything can change in an hour.
Included are some photos from past trips to the Big Bend Region.


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