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January 2008

January 2009


Suspension and tires:

Metal-Tech 3 linked Rear
SwayAway 14" rear shocks
Total Chaos 3.5" Long Travel
ICON Long Travel Coil-Overs and secondary front shocks

BFG KM2's 35-12.50-R17
Trail Ready bead locked Rims
Dana 60 Rock Jock rear end
4.88 Yukon gears
ARB Air lockers front and rear


Metal Tech front and rear bumpers
Metal Tech sliders
BudBuilt stainless steal skids


Custom Gobi Stealth Rack
Silverstar ultra head lamps
2- LightForce 35watt HID XGT's on bumper
4- LightForce 50watt HID XGT's on roof rack
1- Rigid 10" amber LED flood bar on bumper
6- Rigid Dually's on the sides and rear of roof rack
Red Rock lights
Red Map lights
Red interior lights


Garmin GPSMAP 478 with XM weather and NEXRAD radar
Scan Gauge2
Hella Dual tone horn
Cobra CB with bandi mount
3 auxiliary fuse boxes (under hood, front passenger, rear cargo area)
ARB Fridge and freezer


Custom exhaust
TRD Super Charger
Atlas 4 speed transfer case


FJoel Handles
US Speedo Red/Stainless steel face gauges
IMP shift knobs
PRP Racing seats
Custom JL sound system
Custom headliner


Metal Tech Tube Doors
Gobi Ladder
Fiberglass fenders and hood


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I'm taking it to Dallas this weekend to have the supercharger, gears, and locker installed. These will be the first things put on that are not going to be installed by me except the wrap. As soon as I get it back I'm going to start putting on the long travel kit, new light force roof lights, vision X interior and exterior lights, the swing out and new rear lower control arms. I'm also getting the stuff I need to play with the pressure in N2 shocks if anyone ever wants to check theirs.

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Can you explain how the doors come off?
Trailbus1 did a good right up on taking them off and installing the tube doors here.
There are 2 plugs you unplug behind the kick panels. Then there are 4 bolts holding the door to the hindges and one bolt on the arm that keeps the door from opening too far. After that you take off the latch bar on the suicide door and replace it with a special bolt. Then bolt the tube door up the same way you took the factory door off.

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I just want to say this is probably one of, if not THE coolest FJ ive seen. good job man! :rocker:

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Cant wait to check it out after the Toyota of Big D guys get done with it!

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The LT along with all your other toys will be sweet but I did find one thing you are missing...
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