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Hi all.
I got my NZ new 2014 FJ last October and have been lurking while making plans and buying up stuff for my FJ since then.

I have done a lot of buying and research and am about to start some mods (incl body arm chop, roof rack, lights, snorkel, wheel guards, winch bar & winch) and place my order for lift kit and wheels.

I have just today decided to go with a Set of 5 Maxxis MT772 Razr 305/70/17 (34" dia) on my stock 17" mags together with aftermarket front upper control arms and a set of 4 Old Man Emu BP51 with adjustable lift range 0 to 2.5" and independent adjustment for rebound and compression damping.

Springs will be +100-200KG for extra front load of fat bastard, winch bar and winch with standard weight 0 to +50kg springs for the rear. I am also going to pull the pin on new Wheelers extended rear and front 'super bump' bump stops to stop the bigger wheels rubbing in the wheel wells under max compression and soften the bottoming out.

Haven't read anything that suggests that extended CV covers are need, but see they are available. I don't know if I really need extended CV boot covers? But, after all my research I also figured that 34" tyres on stock wheels with a 3" lift, body mount chop and enhanced upper control arm would be rub free and that being less than 35" that it wouldn't tax the transmission or motor overly. However, I was just recently told "bigger than 33" you'll get rub on the UCA, Sway bar, body mount, and fender liner, you'll need to regear your diffs, and you'll burn a LOT more fuel" .
But, I'm thinking that all of that is an awful lot of consequence for a 1" wheel size increase from 33 to 34",

So, now I just don't know. What do you think, do I need the extended CV boots?

Oh yeah! My driving style is passive aggressive 99% dry sunny days on the blacktop :wink

I would be keen to know the experience of others who have done the 3" lift, aftermarket UCA and BMC in combination with a 34" tyre on the OEM mags.


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Added Freedom off-road to the comparison and tried to update the info for some of the companies that I knew have new items or discontinued items. Need to go through and update certain photos as many things have changed.
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